Friday, October 30, 2009

Music Not To Miss!

Let me start by saying I heard Owl City's "Firefly" on the radio this morning. That makes it a hit on TWO Spokane radio stations within a month. I only have his first album, but this song off the new album is a fantastic!

Secondly, I encourage ALL OF YOU to check out OneRepublic's new video for the song "All The Right Moves." The lyrics to this song are less than phenomenal, but there is something catchy about it! It has a great start, and just the right vocals to pull it off. But that's just the audible part. :) Wait till you see the video! All my favorite things about a music video are wrapped up into one!

Lastly, I have been taken by a song that keeps coming up on Pandora Radio for me. It is called Help I'm Alive by Metric. It is urgent, and yet composed. Excited, and yet the lyrics are pleading. It's just fantastic. :)

And let this be said of all these songs: LISTEN TO THEM LOUDLY! TURN YOUR VOLUME UP!

Today I am a Walrus... who is going to join the Lilac City Roller Girls next week. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fish Ideas

In my recent search for new and interesting tattoo ideas, I had a fish theme in mind. You see, I have a particular person in mind who has been considering a fish tattoo for some time. I've included a few pictures below that I think might help start the brainstorming process.

First of all, fish tattoos open up a huge opportunity to play with color. Although a black and white design would match well with this person's love of the 'traditional' style, I think adding a splash should at least be considered.

I've also chosen pictures that show fish in different positions... As in, twisted different ways.

Placement is another aspect to decide on. Most of the fish tattoos I found were part of a larger tattoo; usually either a full sleeve or a full back design. Although these are beautiful, I would advice starting small and finding a cute, unique place to put it. And that all depends on the particular person and what part of their body they are most comfortable/happy with.

And, last but not least, I added some angel wings. I happen to like angel wings when they are done right. Unfortunately, they are done wrong quite often. Small wing tattoos at the base of the neck or ankle are particularly great. I wanted to post these wings and see what you thought of them. Give me some feedback!

Today I am a penguin. That later will be dressed up as a green fairy for a Halloween-esque fundraiser. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


All kinds of excitement transpired last night at pool! We played at a strange bar in Spokane Valley. I say 'strange' because the oddest group of people flocks to this funny little place. It has three pool tables, black lights for Karaoke, and my personal favorite: the doors to both bathrooms ALWAYS stay open, and I made the mistake of using the first stall in the line; you can see very clearly through the huge cracks between the boards that create the line of three stalls.

ANYHOW! Back to the pool event. I was the third on our team to play, but I kept up my 'record time' by only taking half an hour! That meant I was able to watch some of the fourth game before heading home. And, ahem, I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won 17-3, no less! We've played against this particular team a number of times before, so I've been able to notice that the guy I was paired against last night can get a little intense sometimes. And I figured it didn't help that I was a 2, he was 4, and I was knocking his socks off. But he gave me a number of 'ball in hands' that worked out well for me, and I just couldn't miss. The hilarious Karaoke in the background might have had something to do with it. One of my teammates noticed the worse the song, the better I played. :) My opponent had a great attitude about the whole thing, which I really appreciated.

SO, what you've all been waiting for: CAITLIN'S FIRST BAR FIGHT! Well, I wasn't necessarily 'in' it. But I was near it. That counts, right? A groups of guys in their late 20s were hanging around and making all kinds of noise. Mostly nice stuff, but just generally being loud and obnoxious (one even sort of hit on me, which is rather strange once I found out later they seemed to just be looking for a fight - good thing I didn't overreact... like I've been known to do...). In any case, after an hour or so of this, one of the plastic (yes, plastic) windows nearly popped into the bar from the outside as these two guys in the parking lot started duking it out. Then, strangely enough (because usually it happens the other way around), the fight ended up coming INSIDE. These two guys seemed to be looking for a fight all night long and they managed to find a pretty decent-sized guy to fit the part. One ended up with his shirt ripped off, which was unfortunate, but they managed to get themselves back outside after a couple minutes. Then it just kept re-erupting in the parking lot... where all our cars were. So that was a little unsettling, but no harm done in the end. I donno... it was just a strange night. They didn't seem to want to end the fight. Lots of cussing and threatening before somehow someone got them both into two separate cars and off they went.

So, that's my story. See, being a pool hall girl can be exciting sometimes!

Today I am a rhino.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reggie And The Full Effect

Hilarious video. Kudos to the band that thought to incorporate this storyline to the lyrics that had nothing to do with the Loch Ness. And by the way, this album is called "Songs Not To Get Married To." Thought that was fitting. :) Watch the video and you'll understand why.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Record Time

Several of my pool teammates always give me a hard time for taking at least an hour to finish a match. (Well, they give me a hard time about everything, but still.) Try as I may, I always tend to stretch the game a bit longer than the others on my team, whether I'm winning by a landslide, losing horribly, or tied straight up the middle the entire game.

As usual, I took my full hour to play last night. I played against a 3 (I am a 2) and we ended up being fairly well matched up; neck and neck most of the game. He did, however, tend to always get at least one down on the break, and also got far more 9 balls in than I (9 balls are worth 2 points, instead of the usual 1). So, alas, I lost last night. But it was only by THREE, so I'm feeling rather okay about things. In all honesty, I haven't been practicing like I have in the past, and have only played 3 official games so far this session, so I'm pretty thrilled about how I held up.

Another great bonus was the other matches seemed to fly right by, so I was able to sit in an all but one of them. (I tend to like a 10:30 bedtime, and pool often runs until midnight, so I only get to watch the first few.)I kept score most of the night, as we've discovered our teammate who usually keeps score actually does quite a bit better if he practices ALL night first. So we switched it up a bit and we're hoping for the best. When I left we were 2 for 4, with 1 match left. We're currently hold up the last seat in the league. But hey, as Bruce says, "From small things, momma, big things one day come."

Today I am a turnip.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Draw The Line

I had such great hopes for my first blog about music. I thought it would be so easy! Pick a CD I am passionate about and describe it. Well... Ironically, I received four new CDs in one week, making the challenge of choosing an album much more difficult. I will have to save three for later posts. In the end, I have chosen to blog about the last CD I came across. It is called "Draw The Line," by David Gray.

I've been on the David Gray bandwagon for a while. It's good stuff. Mellow, soothing, beautiful. I was certainly excited to hear something new, having played the old stuff one too many times. But my goodness. I could never have expected the phenomenal power of this album. EVERY SINGLE SONG. A few are tender, slow and sweet, like much of his previous work. But some are bold. Some are wonderfully strong and urgent. Others embody so much positive energy your spirit lightens immediately. The lyrics are like yak butter. And the instruments are so perfect. It is refreshing to hear piano in the forefront, and remember how the violin can add so much to a song.

I checked out his website to see if it was anything worth mentioning. I came across the music video for "Fugitive." Kara, please watch this one and tell me what you think. It is creative and artistic. But on top of that, you can see he is passionate about his lyrics. He has such a presence while playing/singing. As if it is not an act, like so many other artists tend to put on; it is as if he is singing for himself. That the words are so true he simply must gush them out.

In a nutshell, it's great. I think you will agree.

As a side note, I missed pool this week because a friend was in from out of town. I will be sure to give you a 'play by play' after next week's match.

I am a hippo today.