Monday, November 16, 2009

In Love With a New Genre

This past week I happened to watch the movie 'Whip It' in theaters. I am still a bit unclear as to how I came about watching a movie for teenagers with 3 other adults, but nevertheless, it happened. Even stranger, the movie was good! Drew Barrymore did a fantastic job of directing it and the soundtrack rocked my world. So much so, in fact, that I had to look it up later. It has sparked a love for a new genre that I'm not sure what to name. But I've provided some samples of three bands that I think exemplify it. Listen it these clips and let me know what you think.

The Raveonettes:

(I can't deny that the video is a little strange. Still. The music. The music is good.

Motion City Soundtrack:

(Again, what the heck kind of music video IS this?! But hey, the music is good.)

Metro Station:

Today I am a polar bear.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Caitlin's Activities

Sigh... Well, I can't say that I won last night. That would be lying. I CAN say that the team won overall. So, with any luck, we will have managed to pull ourselves from last place to third from last place by next week. :) I missed the first game because I was having dinner with some high school friends (and their families). But of course, that's not what Mike, our mischievous team captain, told my teammates. So when I showed up they were very interested to hear about me having dinner with a married man. And I had to correct them; that I had dinner with TWO married men! You should have seen their wide eyes. But they found it much less interesting when I also mentioned their wives and children were also present.

I lost to a man with one arm last night. And, although normally that would bug me, all I can say is THIS MAN HAS IT DOWN! He was the epitome of hard work and practice. He used a prosthetic arm and had absolutely no trouble with breaking. That is skill.

Last, but not least, I must inform everyone of my decision. Although there is no question that I'd be a BADASS roller girl, I've decided to postpone by team membership. I feel as though I'm just now starting to gain progress toward getting more time to myself and I don't want to jump into another situation that will leave me with a stressful schedule. I'm sorry to let you down. I do, however, plan on skiing a LOT this winter. And I also have been brainstorming about reason for a new blog... called "Vicarious Cait," which would be a log of all my adventures and travels around the world, so, in essence, you all could live vicariously through me, as you've made clear you'd like to do in my last posting. :) I'm not sure exactly when this trip will start... but I'm working on it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To Skate or Not to Skate?

Hello all. I think I need some help with a decision to be made. I went to Fresh Meat last night, which is the 'try outs' for the Lilac City Roller Girls (roller derby). I put 'try outs' in quotations because it really wasn't competitive or stressful at all. In fact, I applaud them for creating such a well-oiled workshop. After a brief intro, we split up into stations to work on our skating skills. (May I add that my primary problem is: BEND YOUR KNEES MORE.) Anyhow, needless to say the experience rocked. But I am left to wonder if this is really something I should join. Please read the following pros and cons, and reply with your comments and suggestions.

EXPENSIVE! - Pads/helmet alone cost about $100. Cheap skates (which they advise against) are $120. Nice skates are $300. Monthly dues are $25. Not to mention gas to get up to the northside 2-3 times per week. (And keep in mind that I'm also 'saving' for a new mattress, pay off my car, Christmas, and a trip to Portugal.)
Time consuming - There are 3 practices per week (usually late at night), but you only have to show up to 1 in order to stay on the team. However, a lot more 'extra curricular' things, like fund-raisers and committees, are also in the mix.

I would be BADASS!
Although I am still getting the hang of it, there was a moment where I felt that exhilarating rush like when I'm skiing crazy fast and in absolute control of the chaos. I like that feeling.
It is a GREAT way to exercise! I was a sweaty mess by the end of the practice.
Uh... I'd be badass.

So there you have it. What do you guys think?

Today I am a cheetah.