Thursday, September 2, 2010


Pool was NOT over! Little did I know at the time of my last posting that we were drawn for the wild card slot for the playoffs! (Benefit of playing summer session when fewer teams sign up - better odds.) It meant that Mike had to miss a Bob Dylan concert, so that was unfortunate, but we ended up playing pretty well over all. Playoffs is a cut-throat situation; if your team wins the first game, you advance to a second. We held our own by winning the first game of the night (I played Mary again - I love her. She is evil, and leaves me horrible bank shots all the time - but I love her), and then lost the second by just a few points. I won my personal second game, though, on a lucky slop shot (accidentally getting a ball in a pocket (which is not legal in 8 ball, by the way - which is why I LOVE 9 ball!)). In fact, most of that game was luck. My opponent gave me about 5 ball-in-hands, even though she is just as good as me. I think she was just having an off night. Anyhow, that's what I was up to from 6-12 p.m. last night. A late one, but worth it - we will be playing at City Cup next June!

Fall session starts next week, and we haven't found a replacement for me, so I'll be playing a few weeks to help the team out until another player is recruited. I'm a little exhausted of it, but I certainly do come away with good stories.

Last weekend was a visit to Lincoln City, Oregon. We were fortunate to have sunny weather for the most part. This coming (long! yay!) weekend is a family vacation of sorts. Hopefully hiking and good food will be on the books.

I've been trying my hand at different kinds of bread lately. I've found a rye bread recipe that is phenomenal.

No music today, sorry. I've been a little too busy lately to dabble in new music, although I have a few recommendations in mind to try out. Hopefully I'll post new music soon. :)

Today I am a happy hippo in the water.