Monday, February 28, 2011

Worth the Voice

AMAZING VOICE. Beautiful video. Worth a watch.

Friday, January 14, 2011

VV Brown: "Shark in the Water"

I couldn't embed the video here on my blog, but I recommend following the link! Her voice ROCKS. And so does the energy of the song.

Friday, November 12, 2010

New F-ing Direction! ;)

Okay folks. For reasons I will not get into, I have stopped writing here as of late and have started to capture my adventures on another blog. BUT! After a short hiatus from this blog address, I've decided to continue blogging here, as well - just for a different purpose entirely.

As a byproduct of the spot I'm currently at in life, I am online daily, finding new and exciting awesome things to infuse inspiration into my brain. I think it's easy to forget how fun and sometime necessary a little inspiration is, so I'll be sharing the creme de la creme with you here at this blog. Hopefully, it will stretch your mind some, to remind you to always think outside the box and make you say, "Wow, that is cool!"

Hope you enjoy. Here's some stuff to get you started. (Second pic is Kim of the band "Matt & Kim" - she rocks my world.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Pool was NOT over! Little did I know at the time of my last posting that we were drawn for the wild card slot for the playoffs! (Benefit of playing summer session when fewer teams sign up - better odds.) It meant that Mike had to miss a Bob Dylan concert, so that was unfortunate, but we ended up playing pretty well over all. Playoffs is a cut-throat situation; if your team wins the first game, you advance to a second. We held our own by winning the first game of the night (I played Mary again - I love her. She is evil, and leaves me horrible bank shots all the time - but I love her), and then lost the second by just a few points. I won my personal second game, though, on a lucky slop shot (accidentally getting a ball in a pocket (which is not legal in 8 ball, by the way - which is why I LOVE 9 ball!)). In fact, most of that game was luck. My opponent gave me about 5 ball-in-hands, even though she is just as good as me. I think she was just having an off night. Anyhow, that's what I was up to from 6-12 p.m. last night. A late one, but worth it - we will be playing at City Cup next June!

Fall session starts next week, and we haven't found a replacement for me, so I'll be playing a few weeks to help the team out until another player is recruited. I'm a little exhausted of it, but I certainly do come away with good stories.

Last weekend was a visit to Lincoln City, Oregon. We were fortunate to have sunny weather for the most part. This coming (long! yay!) weekend is a family vacation of sorts. Hopefully hiking and good food will be on the books.

I've been trying my hand at different kinds of bread lately. I've found a rye bread recipe that is phenomenal.

No music today, sorry. I've been a little too busy lately to dabble in new music, although I have a few recommendations in mind to try out. Hopefully I'll post new music soon. :)

Today I am a happy hippo in the water.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Update: Pool, Rodeos and Music

Hi there! So summer pool session is officially over. And to be quite blunt, last night's matches aren't worth talking about. We lost horribly, myself included. But we all had a good time doing it, and that's the point. :) I played a wonderful lady named Mary who is half my size and incredibly cute. I also got approached by a very drunk woman and her less drunk mother-in-law (strange...) who wanted to know why I was on the pool team. Apparently there was some bet going on about if I was dating one of the guys, because they just couldn't believe that I, of my own volition, so sweet and pretty-looking (her words), had up and joined a pool team. Apparently there are better things to do at 9:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night. I happen to think being a pool shark in incredibly acceptable. Huh...

On the upside, I got recognition by the league for winning 5 out of 9 games this session. My name got put on a special list, and I was very proud.

So I took a quick trip to Boise (more specifically, Homedale) this weekend. It was a grand ol' time. The first stop was a bar, of course, where my cowboys were getting loaded and talking about girls. We didn't stay long because the bar closed at 1 a.m. (this was very outrageous to the boys, of course), but I managed to fit a dance in with Brian before the doors closed. The band that night was fantastic. I had a kick seeing April's digs and her adorable son. I also enjoyed seeing her hubbie and step-son, who are about the best people around. The rodeo rocked my socks off, and the dance that followed shot any other country dance I've been to out of the water. A HUGE dance floor, a ROCKIN' band, and not an inch of open space to be seen! Everyone was on their feet. I danced quite a few songs with Brian, watched quite a few, too, and danced one with Tim. Good stuff.

I've been listening to a lot of Tracy Chapman in the mornings lately, and not a whole lot else. I'm looking for new stuff, by the way, so feel free to send some suggestions my direction. Kara sent this video to me today, though, and it made me smile in a 'I think Jaima will like this song' sort of way. So... here it goes:

Today I am a happy, colorful lizard sitting in the sun.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I read the book last year and really enjoyed it. I'm not sure how great of a movie it will be, though, because it is entirely lacking in action (every movie is made a little bit better with an exploding helicopter). In any case, I'm looking forward to watching the movie because I haven't seen Julia Roberts in anything for a while. I'll probably wait to rent it from Redbox, though.

Despite how the movie may turn out, I do LOVE the new song that came from it. It is reminiscent of Vedder's Into The Wild soundtrack, but has its own originality. Although I originally LOVED the Into The Wild soundtrack, I don't listen to it much anymore because I can only think of the movie when I hear it. The songs no longer stand on their own to me. This song, though, has that same comforting sound, but (until I see the movie) is entirely its own. :)

And by the way, let me know what you think of it, damnit! You people don't post comments anymore!

I lost my pool game last night, but had a good time. Chan's Red Dragon... hahaha... I think we're ranked fifth right now, which isn't great, but o-well. Next week is a 'bye' week, and then just one final season game before playoffs.

Today I am a red panda.