Monday, April 6, 2009

Music Recommendation

I want to share with you two bands that I can’t get enough of lately that are just strange enough to put me in a better mood every time I listen to them. The first is Owl City. I believe it’s actually just one guy who does everything from singing to creating the beats (to be honest, I haven’t looked it up yet), but his lyrics are really what makes his stuff great. They are full of whimsical descriptions, city skylines, travel and love. And it is matched perfectly with a light, almost spontaneous collection of rhythms and beats behind him. The other artist is Santogold. She’s a bit on the odd side, but be warned. But again, her stuff is so creative it usually jars me away from the usual hum-drum of life and makes me look at things from a different perspective. She’s a bit like M.I.A., but slightly easier to understand, and with a style all her own. If you’ve got a need for something new, I’d check these two artists out.